Pegler Ltd, a leading manufacturer of brassware to the plumbing industry suffered a fire that was intense enough to destroy a section of the factory (shown in red on the left).

This section housed the large plating line and original cyclone dust extraction system handling the polishing shop. DCS Ltd were awarded the contract, being selected from a field of major suppliers and installers of dust extraction equipment in the UK to dismantle the old fire damaged equipment and provide a new state of the art system.

DCS have previously installed plant to arrest both ferrous and non-ferrous polishing dust for various UK manufacturers. A bank of four separate dust control plants were installed to handle a total air volume in excess of 100,000 m³/hr contaminated with brass dust and moppings.

Each bank consisted of two DCS high efficiency cyclones designed to pre-separate the brass dust and moppings prior to filtration. Air then passes through the cyclones to a DCS Reverse Jet Cartridge Filter Plant achieving a discharge emission level of less than 5mg/m³. Collected waste material in both the filter plant and cyclone systems discharge into large collection bins mounted on castors. A bin equalising system allows a plastic bin liner to be fitted collecting the waste into plastic sacks thus preventing further environmental issues, a must for Pegler's given the plant location

The new system is powered by four 45kW Combifab fansets achieving an approximate noise level of 77.6dBA at a one metre free field range. Pegler Ltd operate to the new international standard for environmental management EN ISO 14001 which required the fitting of EFF1 rated electrical motors to all four of the above DCS fansets. To operate the above plants, four separate Siemens control panels were applied, again meeting Pegler's on-site electrical standards.

The internal ductwork systems to the polishing machines were revamped by installing some new Quick Fit "QF" ductwork which use a quick release clamp mechanism to join sections of duct together. This ductwork system has a smooth inner bore thus preventing dust build up. QF ductwork provides the most flexible method of changing a ductwork layout with little down time when customers wish to alter machine positions/processes.

Dismantling of the previous cyclone system and installation of the new DCS system was achieved over the Christmas break. The plant started operation 6th January 2003. Mr David Twiggs of Pegler Ltd commented 'We are very pleased that DCS achieved their aggressive target, which meant no Production was lost and work on rebuilding the factory was able to start immediately the construction team returned to work!'.


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