The day after the incident DCS Engineers were busy dismantling the damaged filter.

Toni Ellis with the shiny new DCS - filter.




Kingspan Access Floors, the world’s leading manufacturer and installer of raised access flooring systems, recently suffered extensive damage to its dust extraction plant when a contractor’s skip wagon collided with the structure. The incident at the company’s manufacturing plant in Hull resulted in the collapse of the main filter structure, rendering the system inoperable and halting production on one of their panel production lines.

The extraction plant, installed around five years ago, is supported by an on-going maintenance contract with West Yorkshire based Dust Control Systems Ltd. Kingspan’s first call after the Monday morning accident was to DCS, who responded immediately.

Within two hours of Kingspan’s call, DCS engineers were on-site evaluating the situation. The collision had collapsed the filter legs, causing it to lurch away from the adjacent building. This caused the filter body to twist dramatically, shearing the support legs from the hopper sides, tearing and buckling body panels, ripping out the inlet ductwork connection and lifting the fan enclosure off the ground. Internally, the drag chain gearbox was broken and drag chain shafts, chain assemblies and rotary valve were bent and twisted.

It was agreed by all parties that because the damage was so extensive the only course of action was to replace the complete filter body / hopper assembly and salvage as many components as possible for re-use.

Kingspan’s Production Manager, Phil Cane explains: “The dust plant extracts from one of our panel processing lines where we produce around one third of our total weekly output. To ensure no disruption in the supply to our customers, it was imperative that we were brought back on line as quickly as possible”.

A new NFZ 2000 filter system was ordered and scheduled for delivery within 36 hours. The day after the accident DCS engineers were busy dismantling the damaged filter and by mid day on the Thursday, just 72 hours after the collision a shiny new system was fully operational. Legislation has changed since the old filter was installed and the new plant fully meets the latest ATEX European Directive for explosive dust.

Toni Ellis, maintenance manager at Kingspan says: “Dust Control Systems did a remarkable job. They managed every aspect of the project with military precision and worked well with our own maintenance team. The new filter is working well and DCS sited it further along the wall of the factory well out of the range of rogue skip wagons“.


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