DCS engineers devised a scheme which involved two filters, one feeding the other.

WJ White barrel-shaped conference table in American Black Walnut with elliptical bases.


Dust Control Systems (DCS), are dust extraction engineers with an enviable reputation for first class service and attention to detail. Whatever the task, from basic design and installation of ducting, through to the provision of a complete state-of-the-art extraction system, the same high standards are applied.

As a long-standing customer, office furniture manufacturer W J White Ltd had no hesitation in approaching DCS again when they decided that the time was right to invest in new dust extraction plant.

W J White Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of stylish, high quality office furniture for use across all executive and director level functions, as well as boardroom environments. Established over 75 years ago, the Swindon-based company has the expertise to undertake large or small projects, and works closely with architects and designers to satisfy the ever-expanding London market.

DCS had previously adapted and modified ducting to W J White’s existing dust extraction system that was located within the workshop, suspended in the roof space. As the workshop expanded, and new woodworking machinery was added, the system had become less able to deal effectively with the growing levels of dust.

The brief called for a central high efficiency plant to be installed into very limited space outside the factory that would be capable of dealing with current dust levels and could be readily extended to meet any future expansion. Plans also had to take account of local authority planning restrictions placed on the overall height of the filter’s structure.

To achieve the required extraction levels within a small footprint, DCS engineers devised a scheme which involved two filters, one feeding the other. The main filter is an NFKZ 2000 modular filter, complete with a drag chain conveyor, and the second unit is a through-flow filter which is sited underneath the main filter and deals with around one third of the workshop’s dust output. All the dust, and just 20% of the air from the through-flow unit, is then fed into the main filter.  Both units have rotary discharge and are ATEX certified.

With the need to minimise noise levels from the system, DCS installed Combifab fansets were installed. These fans, already amongst the quietest available, individual soundproof enclosures to further reduce ambient noise levels.


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