DCS Cyclo-Filter occupies a relatively small area at Neville Johnson.

A recent Neville Johnson library project in oak veneer.


Neville Johnson, a pre-eminent name in the design and manufacture of bespoke fitted furniture, selected Dust Control Systems to provide a new woodwaste extraction plant for its factory at Trafford Park, Manchester.

Neville Johnson Offices Ltd. began creating innovative fitted furniture more than 20 years ago and today produces high quality handcrafted furniture for a growing number of corporate clients, hotel groups, retailers and homeowners around the country. The company puts its success down to creativity of design, a 100% commitment to customer satisfaction and a willingness to embrace the latest manufacturing techniques.

At Trafford Park, state-of-the-art woodworking machinery is employed in cutting, processing and finishing large quantities of timber based panels which, in turn generates high levels of woodwaste.

Jeff Forrester, operations director at Neville Johnson explains: “Earlier this year we invested in two new production lines, with each line including a high capacity drilling system, an edgebander and a sander. We knew that the installation would dramatically increase our overall air extraction requirement and we decided to look at replacing our three existing filters that were housed inside the factory, with a single dust plant located outside. This would free-up a significant amount of indoor space which could be better used for manufacturing and would also dispense with the labour intensive task of emptying bins and bagging waste”.

Neville Johnson’s invited Dust Control Systems Ltd, who supplied their existing extraction equipment, to come up with proposals for a central extraction system that would be capable of coping with the dust and chips from a total of 16 machines and would also be able to re-use existing header ducts, flexible connectors and dampers, as well as an existing fan unit.

Melvyn Bathgate, sales director at DCS, said: “We carried out a full appraisal of Neville Johnson’s requirements and put forward a scheme that centred round an externally located DCS Cyclo-Filter. Thanks to the small footprint of the Cyclo-Filter, we were able to house the unit in a relatively small corner of the yard. The installed system has a total airflow capacity of 46,000m3/hr and is capable of running 24/7 if required, which suited Neville Johnson’s work patterns”.

The compact DCS Cyclo-Filter combines the advantages of cyclone separation with the efficiency of a bag filter. By using traditional cyclone principles, it pre-separates over 95% of waste from the air stream, reducing the effective dust load on the filter medium. The system maximises the life of the filter bag and makes the unit more energy efficient.

Mr Forrester adds: “The DCS system fully meets our needs and quietly gets on with the daily task of dealing with woodwaste almost unnoticed. Woodwaste is no longer a big issue for us and we have the added benefit of being able to provide a much more comfortable working environment for our staff.”


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