NF2000 filter at Nuttall's




Dust Control Systems Ltd. has recently commissioned a new dust extraction plant at the Dudley, West Midlands manufacturing plant of Alan Nuttall Ltd.

The privately owned company employs over 750 people across five Midlands-based factories from where it designs and manufactures retail display systems for an extensive portfolio of blue chip clients.

The Dudley site is home to the company’s Store Fitting division that has in-house design teams producing bespoke concepts that are manufactured in their metal or joinery workshops.

The well-equipped joinery shops include CNC machining centres, moulders, edgebanders, sanders and a variety of saws. Like many woodworking shops, they have seen machines added over a number of years, each being connected to a series of internally sited dust extraction units located close to the machines. Consequently, the process of waste handling and dust extraction was not very efficient.

Nuttall’s Operations Manager, Mike Wilkes, explains: “Each of the extraction units had its own motor, all of which added up to an excessively high electricity bill. Also, as woodwaste accumulated, the units had to be regularly emptied, resulting in labour being diverted from more productive work. But, most importantly, we were keen to improve the quality of the working environment by creating a safer, quieter and more comfortable atmosphere on the shop floor”.

The requirement was for a central, externally sited high-efficiency plant capable of extracting dust and chips from 15 woodworking machines and depositing the waste into a skip. A major constraint was that the plant would have to fit into very limited space between the factory wall and the site’s perimeter wall. Nuttall’s also specified that noise output from the system should be kept as low as possible.

The solution was provided by Dust Control Systems in the shape of an NF2000 filter system designed to handle 16,000cfm of dust laden air. The space saving filter is 40% smaller than other filters handling similar air volumes and it fitted perfectly into the available space. Like all DCS Nordfab equipment, the system is certified according to the ATEX Directive.

The main extraction fan is a 45kW DCS - Combifab. Although this fan is already one of the most efficient and quietest units available, it has been located within a soundproof enclosure to further reduce noise from the system.

The filter is elevated on steelwork above a skip and waste is carried along the filter hopper by a drag-link conveyor and discharged via a rotary valve into a sealed hessian bag inside the skip.



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