L to R: David Howard and DW Moulding’s production manager, Brian Dawes check real-time power levels on variable speed drives, controlled by Ecogate greenBox 12+ units.



Extraction volumes are automatically adjusted as machines become active or are shut-down.


DW Mouldings has over 1800 production moulding profiles to choose from.


Ecogate energy-saving systems, installed by Dust Control Systems Ltd, have enabled The DW Group of Companies to dramatically cut running costs at two separate manufacturing facilities in the South of England. DW Mouldings Ltd, based in Sandy, Bedfordshire, and DW General Wood Machinists Ltd in Tottenham, North London, both commissioned DCS to retrofit Ecogate “extraction-on-demand” systems to their respective dust plants.

Established in 1971, DW Mouldings Ltd is one of the country’s leading hardwood timber merchants and specialist trade moulding mills. From its 33,000 sq. ft. Sandy facility, the company provides quality bespoke and production hardwood mouldings to a growing customer base throughout the UK. The company has a library of more than 1800 production moulding profiles to choose from and confidently claims that any bespoke moulding profile can be achieved with a quality finish guaranteed. Profile templates are converted into high-speed profiled cutters using sophisticated computer aided technology. Raw hardwood timber is cut to width, efficiently machined using high-performance Weinig Powermat moulding machines, and then spray lacquer finished, if required. Short or long production runs can be accommodated.

At the Tottenham factory, DW General Wood Machinists, established in 1948, also has a fully equipped trade mill and a showroom. They offer trade wood-machining services including moulding, CNC routering, planing, drilling, panel cutting, panel edging, wood components and cabinetry, displays and shop fittings. The company also designs and manufactures casino gaming equipment, such as roulette and blackjack tables, which are sold through its Delta Gaming operation.
In a bid to improve energy efficiency at their factories, DW Group called in DCS to carry out energy appraisals on their existing dust extraction plants. DCS engineers surveyed both installations and calculated that installing Ecogate technology, with variable speed drives, would result in a combined annual reduction in electricity usage of a massive 240,000kW hours. “DCS put forward an extremely compelling case for their Ecogate system and, with a return on investment of just three years, it was an easy decision to make”, says Brian Dossett, Chairman of DW Group.

At the Bedfordshire site, DCS installed two ECOGATE greenBOX12+ controllers, 15 automatic motorised gates with sensors, and fitted variable speed drives to 75kW, 55kW and 30kW fan units. As machines come on-line, or shut down, the Ecogate controllers automatically detect changes in load and adjust fan speeds accordingly. The system also detects when groups of machines served by a particular fan are off-line and shuts down the fan until required. The net result is a total power saving of around 60%.

At the Tottenham factory, two 30kW fans were converted to variable speed operation, and a total of 24 woodworking machines were fitted with motorised gates linked to two ECOGATE greenBOX12+ controllers. Power usage at Tottenham has been reduced by 58%.

David Howard, managing director of DW Mouldings says: “Dust Control Systems managed every aspect of the contract extremely professionally. They worked hard to operate around us without causing any disruption to production and always left the place clean and tidy. We are delighted with the system which is actually producing better results than forecast and will pay for itself much sooner than anticipated. Generally, when buying major plant and equipment, there’s always something that niggles you. With this project I can honestly say that everything was done right and there is nothing to criticise.”



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