Elmwood’s energy-saving modular filter system incorporates a main extraction fan with DCS Dynamic Drive System.  

Operation is entirely automatic, with extraction power varying as individual machine dampers open and close.  


In May last year DCS supplied a complete new energy-saving extraction system at the bespoke joinery manufacturing workshops of Elmwood (Glasgow) Ltd. Elmwood are fit-out specialists serving the hotel, commercial and leisure industries, producing high quality joinery and internal finishing components, in a modern facility covering some 16,000 sq. ft.

Here, the high-efficiency modular filter unit extracts from a total of 15 woodworking machines which range in volume requirements from 850m³/hr to 6,250m³/hr and the system has a total airflow capacity of over 28,000m³/hr.

Selected woodworking machines in the workshop are fitted with dedicated auto-dampers which open when the machine in question is in operation. The Dynamic Drive sensor detects the change in volume requirement and alters the fan speed to suit. The system responds dynamically to meet demand, providing optimum efficiency.

Steven Gough, production director at Elmwood says: “We are delighted with the performance of the extraction plant which is more than delivering the levels of efficiency DCS indicated in their proposals. It’s difficult to accurately quantify the savings in electricity because we extended the workshop and added a high performance CNC machining centre at the same time as the new dust plant was installed. However, comparing current electricity bills with bills from periods prior to the extension shows that we have still made significant savings despite expanding the workshop. A further benefit of the new system is that we no longer have the constant drone of the old extractor to contend with thanks to the reduced noise levels of the new plant.”


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