A stunning example of an Ellis Opal Gloss kitchen.
Left to right: Paul Dudley and Machine Shop Manager, Terry Hodges, check out power savings on one of the Ecogate controlled systems.
A section of the Ellis machine shop, where optimised extraction means fan speeds are automatically adjusted as demand changes.




Leading furniture manufacturer, Ellis Furniture, has dramatically reduced running costs for all its dust extraction systems by investing in energy-saving technology from DCS Ltd.

Established in 1891, Ellis Furniture remains a family run business, now in its fourth generation with cousins Richard and Tom Ellis at the helm. From a modern 200,000 sq. ft. factory, located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, the company manufactures an extensive range of attractively-designed furniture products, to exacting standards; utilising both traditional techniques and state-of-the-art machinery. Solid timber veneered cabinetry and MFC cabinetry is made at Ellis, supplying high street retailers, residential accommodation, house builders, schools, hotels and care homes.

The company continues investing in new and better machinery and, in recent years, has committed to an environmental policy and a programme of energy-saving. The Huddersfield site boasts impressive environmental credentials, including ISO14001 and FSC accreditation. Recent energy-saving initiatives included the replacement of factory lighting with a much more energy-efficient lighting system.

Engineering Manager, Paul Dudley, who leads their drive for energy-savings, says: “Electrical usage is one of our biggest costs and we identified dust extraction as a major source of electricity consumption. There are twelve extraction fans employed throughout the 65,000 sq. ft. machining and panel production facility, varying in size from 11kW to 55kW. After reading numerous success stories in the trade magazines I decided to contact Chris Oldfield of DCS regarding their energy-saving Ecogate systems.”

Initially, as a pilot scheme, DCS were asked to carry out an appraisal on two systems – one dedicated 55kW fanset which serves an edgebander, and another 30kW system which extracts from a number of processing machines. DCS determined that considerable savings could be made by controlling the speed of each fan to more accurately match the requirement of the actual load. This was achieved through the installation of an ECOGATE greenBOX12+ to control ECOGATE automatic motorised gates.

“Chris Oldfield confidently predicted significant electricity savings on the two systems, which would result in a payback of a little over two years,” adds Paul Dudley. “However, after 3 months, when data from the new systems was interrogated, we were amazed to see that they had in fact exceeded the savings Chris had predicted. We brought DCS back in to assess extraction throughout the factory and they were able to present a convincing case to optimise the ten remaining systems. DCS were commissioned to carry out the work, and we are delighted to report that the anticipated annual saving on dust extraction amounts to a massive 20% reduction in the total factory spend.”


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