Combination Silo and Filter from Dust Control Systems deals with MDF dust from three production lines at Silverwood Doors.  

The DCS Dynamic Drive System adjusts fan speed as automatic dampers open and close.  


Dust Control Systems Ltd has installed a new extraction system for a leading Northern Irish manufacturer of vinyl-wrapped doors for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms which, somewhat uniquely, combines a bulk storage silo and a filter in a single unit.

Silverwood Doors is an operating division of WC Guthrie Ltd, who have been recognised as one of Ireland's foremost manufacturers of fitted furniture for over 30 years. Today the company specialises exclusively in the design and manufacture of high quality, foil-wrapped, MDF furniture components. Employing the latest CNC technology and software, Silverwood offers a standard door range, available in relatively low order quantities, along with a 'contract package' which provides a virtually unlimited range of door designs and options.

Coupled with recent large-scale investment in 'state-of-the-art' machinery, Silverwood actively pursues a programme of energy reduction and environmental initiatives at its facility in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. A waste-to-energy plant burns all the company’s MDF waste and generates heat for the 45,000 sq. ft. factory and hot water for the offices.

Dust Control Systems secured the contract to supply the new woodwaste extraction system after demonstrating that it could fully satisfy the stringent requirements laid down by Silverwood. Ray Townley of Dust Control Systems explains: “The key demand was for an energy efficient system that would fully integrate with the waste-to-energy plant. Extraction was to run automatically, without the need for operator intervention, and bulk storage was required to hold high volumes of filtered waste – particularly at times when space heating was not needed. Additionally, extraction to each of Silverwood’s three production lines had to operate independently so, during night shifts for example, when one or two lines may not be required, they can be shut down without affecting extraction on operational lines.”

The new extraction system installed by DCS centres around a space saving unit that combines a shaker filter and silo, giving an airflow capacity of 45,000m³/hr and 50m³ of waste storage. The filter chamber incorporates a bank of tubular polyester needlefelt filter bags, with vibratory cleaning system, and waste discharge is via a rotary valve which feeds directly to the boiler feed transport system. Each production line has its own high efficiency fan set which operates automatically on the starting of any machine on the line. As automatic machine dampers open and close, a DCS Dynamic Drive System adjusts fan speeds to the specific duty required.

Brian Guthrie, MD of Silverwood Doors, says: “We now have an extraction system that virtually looks after itself. Operators don't even have to switch the extraction off at lunch breaks; it stops automatically and then goes through a cleaning cycle – ramping up to full speed for a few seconds to ensure ducts are clean. The silo gives us plenty of waste storage so we can burn the collected waste at a time to suit us and, thanks to the variable speed control of the fans, we only consume the precise kilowatts required to do the job, so there’s no wasted energy which has resulted in significant cost savings.”


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