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DCS is one of the leading companies in the design, manufacture and installation of dust and fume extraction systems for workshops in schools, colleges and other institutions.

Health and Safety authorities advise that operators of woodworking machinery in industry should not be exposed to more than 5mg/m3 of fine dust. It is of equal importance that these same standards are applied in the classroom and that the health of students and tutors is protected against the harmful effects of airborne dust.

Our products and services cover a wide range of requirements from small under bench units to complete energy-saving extraction systems with externally located filters.

A key Woodworking Classroom project carried out by DCS involved the installation of an energy-saving dust extraction system at Loughborough University’s new Design School building. Here, DCS designed a system to serve two prototyping workshops housed on different floors. The system comprises an internally-sited filter, with a capacity of 23,000m3/hr, and an ECOGATE® energy-saving extraction optimisation system.

The system employs two main fans which are fitted with variable-speed drives and each woodworking machine has an ECOGATE automatic motorised gate with remote sensor. Two ECOGATE greenBOX12 controllers receive signals from the sensors to open or close gates as machines come on line or shut down. The result is a highly-efficient dust extraction system, which operates at reduced noise levels, and provides precise extraction volumes only when needed. And, power usage has been reduced by around 60% when compared with a traditional fixed-speed system.

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