TDS Range

TDS Range  

The TDS is an efficient dust collector designed to deal with very abrasive dusts. There are 10 models in the TDS range, with filtration areas ranging from 84m² to 1,008m². The collector features a manganese wear resistant steel plate, to absorb the kinetic energy of particles. This energy is particularly detrimental when handling abrasive dust.

Another feature of the collector is the built-in pre-separator, which eliminates the need for an additional pre-separator for applications with high dust loading, and provides a cost effective solution with no supplementary duct work, only one hopper and dust discharge system.

Efficient removal of dust and hazardous materials from the plant permits in many cases the re-circulation of the filtered air (the media has the BIA classification U, S, G, C, according to ZH1/487). This means substantial energy savings on heating and/or air conditioning equipment because the filtered air is already at room temperature.

Maintenance of the collector is made without tools. The dust-laden cartridge can immediately be removed by simply unscrewing the crank supporting the cartridge. All moving parts are located outside the collector and can be maintained without shut-down.


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